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Recalled (2021) Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Free
Recalled (2021) Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Free

Recalled (2021) Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Free

Soo Jin, a woman suffering from post-traumatic memory loss, returns to her daily life with her husband after an accident. But her recovery takes an unexpected turn when she starts experiencing eerie visions: One day, she sees a vision of a child living in the same building being hit by a car. Shortly after almost risking her life to save the child, she has yet another chilling vision about a girl living on the 7th floor being harassed by a man, and does what she can to help the girl. She runs into her former boss at an art school, and learns that learns that her husband may not be telling the truth about everything. Meanwhile, detective Ki-sang finds Soo Jin’s husband on the surveillance footage of a crime scene and starts to investigate him. Soo Jin’s suspicion grows as she sees a vision of her husband killing a neighbor. While searching for the truth about her husband, she stumbles upon a wedding photo of her with a strange man other than her husband…

Views: 34

Genre: Mystery , Thriller , Hindi Dubbed

Actor: Kim Kangwoo , Seo Yeaji , Bae Yooram , Yeom Hyeran , Kim Kanghoon , Park Sangwook , Kim Jooryung

Director: Seo Yumin

Writer: Seo Yumin

Country: South Korea

Release: 2021-04-21

Duration: 99 Min

Quality: HD Hindi

Rating: 0



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