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Office Affairs (2020) Hindi Short Film
Office Affairs (2020) Hindi Short Film

Office Affairs (2020) Hindi Short Film

Office Affairs (2020) Hindi Short Film Watch Online Free

Meghna and Rishi are office colleagues and this is their first date. Rishi believes that spending 24 hours together will get them to know each other quite well and so they decide to go to a resort for overnight stay. As soon as they check in they decide to go swimming. Meghna and Rishi get very cozy in the water and get intimate. It being an off-season time and also a weekday the resort was quite empty so the couple had the liberty of enjoying the moment in the water. Meghna teases him that this is just the trailer and they can enjoy the full movie after lunch in their room. After lunch again the couple start getting intimate. Rishi tempts Meghna into a game of sex where she cannot see him or hear him and just lay back and enjoy. He blindfolds her and they start making love. As soon they reach climax she hears him say ho Gaya… come in ”. She realizes it’s not Rishis voice and opens her blindfold. She is shocked to see Anmol, naked on bed with her. The door to their room opens and Rishi walks in. It is revealed in a flashback how Anmol had entered the room and exchanged places with Rishi while he was blindfolding Meghna. Anmol used to work in the same office with Meghna and Rishi but was asked to resign because Meghna had filed a sexual harassment case on him. Anmol feels that if he got to face a consequence of a crime he never committed then he would rather commit it and teach Meghna a lesson.

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Country: India

Release: 2020-07-01


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#Office Affairs 2020 Hindi Short Film Watch Online Free
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